Short term volunteering abroad

...You're a professional, wishing you could volunteer overseas - but can't see a way unless you take a career break

...You're a student looking for a gap year experience - but very short term, so you can do paid work the rest of your year out

...You're part of a faith or community group that wants to visit and help an overseas community - but want someone else to organise it

...Your work colleagues need new motivation, a means to build teamwork and foster creativity - and your company wants a CSR programme that's about more than just writing a cheque

...You want to do something extraordinary to celebrate a milestone birthday, getting married or retiring

Global Village could be just what you're looking for! It's the overseas volunteering programme of international housing charity Habitat for Humanity. Each trip lasts just 8-14 days, but you'll be amazed what a difference you can help to make in that short time!

You'll travel overseas with a group to help a community, at their invitation, to tackle poverty housing by building or renovating homes. You don’t need any building or DIY skills: Most of the work is manual labour. Side by side with local volunteers, you could be digging foundations, laying concrete floors, building walls, plastering or decorating or doing carpentry. A master builder on site will show you what to do using local materials and construction techniques. The pace is relaxed, and lots of laughter as you exchange stories, jokes - or maybe songs! - with the locals.

As you build with the local people, you'll have a unique opportunity to learn about their way of life, the challenges they face and how they meet them. You'll get to play with the children, maybe visit a school, learn a local dance. You'll find that, in many ways, you're not so different from them, and that they have things to teach you.

And we hope you'll return home enriched and enthused, as many of our volunteers do, with a passion to get more involved at a deeper level!