Volunteering for individuals or small groups

When you join one of our Global Village building trips, you’ll be privileged to serve and work alongside the people you are helping. As you dig foundations, mix cement and lay bricks, you’ll see the difference that you’re making to their lives.
Volunteering makes friends
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'We give families hope by getting them off the dump and into safe housing and a bright future.’ Donna Llewellyn (Bank of America), volunteer at Smile Village, Cambodia, 2013.
You don’t need any experience – just enthusiasm, motivation and the desire to make a difference. Our partner communities invite you to join them as they build their new homes.

Habitat for Humanity has been perfecting the art of volunteering and building homes, lives and futures for nearly 40 years.  

If you're volunteering on your own or with a couple of others then take a look at the teams below.

If you would like to set up your own volunteer team (or for larger groups) please contact our Global Village team on 01295 264240 or email GlobalVillage@habitatforhumanity.org.uk.

2014 Trips


Volunteers and local people building a bamboo house together in Nepal


When: 15th – 23rd November 2014
How long: 9 days
Costs: £2,900
A poverty house in Sri Lanka


When: 1st – 11th November 2014
How long: 11 days
Costs: £2,550