Meet some of our homepartners

Amani  -
Cote d’Ivoire

Amani and his brother


Amani has been blind since 2004. The 54-year-old Ivorian’s blindness was a result of too many bites from the black flies that swarm the banks of the nearby Bandama River.

Mern Ouen's family -


The shack at the recycling shop where Mern lives is shared by seven families, and means that Mern had to leave her daughter to be looked after by neighbours.

The Naidenov family –

Evdoki Naidenov - Bulgaria

Evdoki Naidenov, his wife Katia and their two children live in a house with three other families; 10 people in total.

Phon Pisey –

Phon Pisey and his sister

Phon Pisey and his family now have a safe, decent home away from the dumpsite in Stoeung Meanchey.