Dalli and granddaughters Nepal

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Juana and her sister Maria and their five children live in an old, mud brick building with dirt floors and flimsy wooden doors. There is no running water or sanitation, no electricity and the roof and walls are very unstable.

As Juana explains, “When it rains, it becomes very humid inside the house. It seems like always at least one child is sick.”

With only one window for natural light the children struggle to study. 

HOMEsponsor family Guatemala

They also have to suffer the indignity of bathing outside with water heated over a stove.

The sisters know that this place is far from adequate for their family.

With your support, Habitat for Humanity will be able help Juana and Maria to construct a new home that is better suited for their family.

A decent and stable home will improve the health of the family, help Juana and Maria to find more permanent employment, increase the children’s opportunities to study and unite the family in safety and security.

Please become a HOMEsponsor today and help Juana and Maria build a better future.