Private Teams

Whether you are a corporate group, a school group, a church group, or any sort of group for that matter (!), we need your help! A private group build is a perfect opportunity for you to get a group of your friends or colleagues together to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference to the lives of others. We will work alongside you to create a bespoke build that suits the needs of your team. This could be a CSR or HR opportunity with the express purpose of team building. Alternatively it could be a school group looking to provide students with the opportunity to gain a better global perspective. We have even had teams from the building trade going to learn about sustainable housing methods in the developing world. Whatever your focus, we have a build somewhere that will suit your needs.

For more information about private groups and to discuss your requirements, please contact the Global Village team on or 01753 313532.

      Building an Easter Home   Volunteers celebrate working on the 30000th house in Guatemala


 Current private groups

A family inside their new home in Cambodia 


AON                            5th - 13th Nov 2016    

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A child smiles as he eats at home  


Laura Dunn             12th - 23rd June 2016    

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