Hope Challenge

Over the years, Hope Challenge has been hugely popular with our corporate partners.

At our last Hope Challenge event in 2013, 76 people camped out in a Peak District shantytown as they helped raise money to fight international poverty. Fifteen teams from companies around the UK raised £32,089 – enough to help 26 families in the developing world to build a safe, decent home.

In the heart of the Peak District near Edale, each team built a shelter from scavenged materials and then slept in it for two nights. Their handmade shelters were constructed from anything from palettes to umbrellas, from bamboo to plastic piping, and from cardboard carpet tubing to sheets of insulation.

As if this wasn't enough, they also competed in many other challenges, including a 20km trek in the Peaks.

'Our shelter was ... luxury compared to the dreadful conditions that some people are living with every day and night. A very humbling experience that served to remind us to always keep a sense of perspective in our everyday lives,' commented the team leader of Guava International, Guildford.

'We have learned to be grateful never to have experienced homelessness,' said another team member.

Thank you to everyone involved in Hope Challenge 2013.

If you would like to take part in a future Hope Challenge or a similar event, please let us know.