What does Habitat for Humanity do?

Habitat for Humanity works in the shelter sector and has a range of programmes to meet people’s housing needs.  These programmes are outlined in the links below. 

We focus on people in the greatest levels of need through grants programmes and for people who can contribute to their home improvement, we operate loans based programmes. In order to be as effective as we can be in delivering shelter programmes we work closely with local partners in the field and other international development organisations.

The hierarchy of interventions gives an outline of the Habitat for Humanity programme.

Hierarchy of Interventions

We have some programmes focused on the middle classes. For example, improving academic accommodation to prevent brain drain.

For the poor we operate loans based programmes to help people build a core house* that can later be extended. This is combined with technical advice and support.

For the very poor we focus on small loans to enable families to renovate their home or to incrementally build a small core home that can be later extended.  This is combined with technical advice and support.

For the extremely poor (orphans and vulnerable groups and victims of disasters) our focus is on a grants or direct subsidy based approaches and often focus on home repairs or core homes.

The Habitat for Humanity programme serves roughly equal numbers of families with home repairs, home renovations and new builds. 

This is illustrated in the following table:

*The Core Home concept is a small home that meets international standards for space and quality, that provides a base from which a family can extend as their income levels or needs change.  This may well be through a Habitat loan programme.