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Double  Disasters in Indonesia

Tsunami in Mentawai Island Sing to Build
Mentawai islands are a breathtakingly beautiful chain of islands in West Sumatra,  Indonesia.  It is a surfers’ heaven and one of many precious jewels in the Indonesian archipelago. On 25th October 2010 a 7.7 richter scale earthquake caused a tsunami and destroyed Mentawai. In its course, the devastating tsunami took 448 precious lives and ruined hundreds of homes. 56 people were lost and about 15,353 became refugees.

Merapi Volcano Eruption in Java

Merapi was the most fertile volcanic mountain in Central Java. The people living there, who were mostly farmers, were blessed with plentiful harvests year after year. On 26th October 2010, one day mentawai tsunamiafter the tsunami hit Mentawai, Merapi volcano erupted. The eruption took the lives of 275 people, caused injury to 576, and made 287,699 people refugees.


Sing to Build

10 year old Kyla Christie became sad and worried after watching the TV reports on Mentawai Tsunami and Merapi eruption in Indonesia recently and decided to do something:

 “It seems like the world is no longer the beautiful world that God created. The earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, it felt like we’re living at the end of the world.”

Kyla decided to sing in order to raise funds for the victims.

She initiated "Sing to Build”. Kyla singing

Kyla will contribute a 10 Sing-a-thon events (because this year she is 10 years old) in major shopping malls, schools, festivals, public and company’s events.

Sing to Build’s mission is to advocate and raise funds to build home and centers for community sustainability and development.

People, friends, family and corporations, who want to participate or sponsor Sing to Build, can donate. The funds will provide relief to Habitat for Humanity Indonesia to build homes in the disaster area of  Indonesia. 
Please support Kyla and her generation to see hope that the world is not ending, that the world will recover with the love and care of human kindness. So, it is still the beautiful place that God created for us to live in.

Let’s sing to build a better world to live in.


A letter from Kyla

Dear Friends,

I’m Kyla. I’m really sad about disasters happening in Sing to Build houseIndonesia. 
There was a tsunami in Mentawai and a day later Merapi volcano erupted.

People were dying, houses were destroyed  and the children were crying in pain. Their homes were completely ruined and their loved ones were gone in an instant.

I was deeply broken hearted. I told my mom, “It seems like the world is no longer the beautiful world that God created.”
I like to sing, so I decided I will sing to raise money to rebuild Mentawai and Merapi.

Because this year I am 10 years old (I am in grade five), I promised to sing at 10 events. Mom said we could make it a sponsored Sing-a-Thon. We named it “Sing to Build“.

I named it that because I want to help build homes and many useful community centers for activities such as sewing , library, and art centers. Then, family and children can continue to live, to study, to draw, to dance and to sing, like I do.

Please help us to rebuild their homes and their lives. Thank you very much for sponsoring Sing to Build, me and Habitat for Humanity.              

Best regards,

Kyla Christie Hambali

Videos of Kyla

You can see videos of Kyla's Sing to Build events by following the links below.

Sing to Build 8 by Kyla Christie: You Raise Me Up Kyla singing

Sing to Build 8 by Kyla Christie: Ibu Pertiwi

Sing to Build 9 by Kyla Christie: Somewhere

Sing to Build 7 by Kyla Christie: The Climb

Sing to Build 6 by Kyla Christie: The Climb

Sing to Build 6 by Kyla Christie: Imagine

Sing to Build 5 by Kyla Christie: Somewhere

Sing to Build 4 by Kyla Christie: Somewhere

Sing to Build 3 by Kyla Christie: Ibu Pertiwi

Sing to Build 3 by Kyla Christie: Somewhere

Kyla Christie aged 8: Somewhere over the Rainbow

Kyla Christie aged 6: Somewhere over the Rainbow

Sing to Build in school

Kyla’s empathy for the victims and her decision to put her singing talent to good use is inspiring.  The fact that she has managed, at such a young age, to initiate such a project is amazing.  We salute Kyla for living out the school’s concern for others and her ability to engage in community service.  She is a good role model not only for students but for all of us.  We hope her initiative and effort will motivate others to do the same.  God bless you Kyla and more power in your “Sing to Build” campaign.
Clarissa B. Subagyo. Executive Director Mentari International School

Praise for Kyla

“Congratulations to Kyla, a most talented singer. Best wishes.”Sing to Build building
Darwin Chen , SBS, Honorary Chairman Habitat for Humanity China

“Thank you for your singing tonight for us. You’re surely got very beautiful voice- strong and powerful. I’m proud of your parents. Keep on singing and praising the Lord with your angelic voice.”
Chainarong Monthienvichienchai, Chairperson Habitat for Humanity Thailand

“Kyla is an inspiring young girl. Her passion and desire to motivate others is very clear as she sings. God bless you.” Belayneh Tadesse, Habitat Asia Pacific, Bangkok

“Your wonderful songs will build wonderful communities! Sing to Build houseLove!”
Youngmi, Director/Partnership Development Division, Habitat for Humanity Korea

“What is unique about Kyla’s performance? At her tender age of 10, she is able to demonstrate the maturity of thought, emotion and voice. Kyla has the heart of compassion for the poor. She expresses her concern in songs with deep expression of emotion; and her child-liked stature resonates the voice of the mature. She sings on behalf of the poor.“
Wong Kim Kong, J.M.N. Founding Principal Consultant, Leadership Transformation Academy

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