• Partner Story: Helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia (Dorcas Phiri)

    Helping orphans and children in Zambia living in poverty

    Whilst most 16  year olds were worrying about their GCSE exams and A level options, Dorcas Phiri was forced to quit school to raise her two younger sisters and brother.

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  • Partner Story: The first female mason in Kavre, Nepal

    Rebuilding Nepal - The First Female Mason

    Sharada Danuwar is 22 years old, and like nearly everyone else in the Kavre district, she lost her family home when the earthquakes hit Nepal last spring. Since then, she and her extended family of eight have been living in temporary shelter they built with materials from Habitat for Humanity.

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  • Partner Story: Rebuilding Fiji - Stronger Than Winston

    rebuilding fiji: stronger than cyclone winston

    When Cyclone Winston struck the Nasinu village on 20 February, it devastated 95% of the houses leaving 20 families homeless.

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  • Partner Story: "Home makes you feel like you belong somewhere" (Halima, Uganda)

    micro loans in uganda, africa

    The dusty, rutted road that leads to Hailma Bagaaya’s house often doesn’t bear the load of cars. The route from the village is usually accomplished on foot. Young boys push bicycles overloaded with green banana bunches.

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