• Partner Story: Daana and Jamila, Lebanon

    82 year old widow Daana Maroun lives in Zgharta, North Lebanon with her daughter Jamila. Jamila suffers from arthritis but has irregular work, earning about 400,000 LL ($265) per month for both of them.

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  • Partner Story: Josna Begum, Bangladesh

    42 year old Josna Begum has been taking care of her family since her husband passed away. It’s been a hard journey since then. She raised her only son all by herself, however, she is not strong enough to work any longer and it has become quite impossible for her to do the household work.

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  • Partner Story: Mab's Story, Cambodia

    “We learn through hardship to saving and the step by step of building to a secured shelter”.

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  • Partner Story: Stories from the Tent: Macedonia Refugees

    “Where can I change my baby's diaper?”

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