It's festive fundraising time!

This Christmas gather your loved ones and take part in something sweet while raising funds to support our vital work fighting housing poverty. Whether you’re an innovative gingerbread house builder, a puzzle solver, or a quiz genius, there’s a fun festive fundraiser for everyone.

The Escape Game

Join Habitat for Humanity’s expedition straight from home! Prove your problem-solving skills by winning as an individual, or boost your teamwork credentials by playing with your friends or colleagues.
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The Virtual Quiz

Let's get quizzical! Start your own virtual quiz to help us raise vital funds and play along with our other supporters at the same time!
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Other Fundraising Ideas!

There’s more activities you can get involved with and fundraise for us! Here’s a few of them:
  •  Sing-Along: Pick your favourite Christmas Song, it could be an old favourite or a new hit and sing together. You could try singing in a different language or you could see if you could take a line each and complete a song as a team!
  • Online Auction: You could offer exciting prizes where colleagues could confirm their bids via Zoom! These items then could then be posted in time to be enjoyed during their time off.
  • Secret Santa: You can choose a limit, and even a theme and agree to order items online for direct delivery by an agreed date. Teams could then come together to open their gifts in person or over a video call.
  • Donating Xmas card costs: Instead of sending Christmas cards, send your colleagues a festive email and instead donate the money to Habitat.
  • Organise a Lottery: Employees could put £5 into a pot along with their name, a winner could then be selected and they keep a % of the pot with the rest donated to Habitat.
  • Xmas Dress up day: Why stick to jumpers this year? Dress up in all your festive gear, from socks to jumpers to PJs, get them all on.
  • Dress your online background: Online calls are now part of our day to day life, so this Christmas lets decorate the view that our colleagues see. Prizes could be awarded to the most innovative and festive background.