Payment Procedures

Registration fee

Once you decide to join a Global Village (GV) build, you must confirm your place on the team by submitting a non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee of £250 (open build), £300 (corporate build) to Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.

The balance of the trip payment must be paid in full no later than 45 days prior to the departure date.

Submitting payment

All payments towards your build trip cost must be made in sterling to Habitat for Humanity GB. The GV event code, participant’s name, and trip destination must be used as a reference.

Acknowledging donations

Donors who contribute towards your trip cost through your fundraising page will receive an acknowledgement of their donation via email. We urge you to personally thank their donors.

Matching gifts

Some employers offer matching gifts schemes.

  • Matching gifts can be used to offset your build trip cost.
  • Enquire with your matching gift programme contact or human resources to see if your GV build trip is eligible under the matching gift policy.
  • Request that the employer includes the GV event code and participant’s name with the matching gift payment.
  • Notify the Team Leader and Habitat for Humanity GB if requesting matching gift funds. Please note that matching gifts payments need to be received 45 days before the trip departs in order to be applied towards your build trip cost.

Funds raised in addition to the build trip cost

A key purpose of the GV programme is to raise funds beyond the build trip cost in order to address critical shelter needs around the world. We do not roll additional funds over to any future GV Builds or reimburse trip costs paid by participants when maximum obligations are exceeded. Any additional funds raised beyond the trip cost will support our programmes worldwide.

Fundraising for airfare

Participants can fundraise towards their build trip cost through the online GV fundraising pages provided by Habitat for Humanity GB. The build trip cost excludes airfare costs as participants are responsible for arranging their own flights.

We recognise that some participants may want to raise money for their airfare, this cannot be done through your GV fundraising page as Habitat for Humanity GB cannot transfer any donated funds to participants for any reason.


You may cancel at any time by giving us written notice by post or e-mail. Since Habitat for Humanity GB incurs costs in cancelling your Global Village Build, you will have to pay cancellation charges as follows.

If you cancel more than 45 days before the departure date, Habitat for Humanity GB will retain the Registration Fee in full.  In relation to other payments made, you have two options:

  • Habitat for Humanity GB will return other sums paid excluding funds that have been raised by donations from third parties which shall be dealt with in accordance with clause A below.
  • You may transfer the sums towards another scheduled Global Village Build. However, a new Registration Fee will be payable.

If you cancel less than 45 days before the departure date, Habitat for Humanity GB will not be liable to make any refunds and the sums will be used to meet Habitat for Humanity GB’s current obligations.  Donations shall be treated in accordance with clause A below. Any cancellation (or refund) decision of Habitat for Humanity GB is final. Habitat for Humanity GB does not provide cancellation insurance, therefore you may wish to inquire about purchasing your own cancellation insurance.

If Habitat for Humanity Great Britain must cancel

On occasions we have to change or cancel GV Builds and reserve the right to do so at any time. We may cancel a Global Village Build, for instance if it is considered to be unviable or there are safety or security concerns (see Suspension Policy).  If we cancel for any reason other than for your fault, then you may then either choose to:

  • Accept an offer of a substitute Global Village Build from us if we are able to offer this (we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value), or
  • Receive a full refund of all monies paid excluding funds that have been raised by donations from third parties which shall be dealt with in accordance with clause A below.

If we cancel or you cancel pursuant to your right to do so following a major change by us, we will pay you reasonable compensation if appropriate except where

  • (i) the cancellation is because the number of persons who agree to participate in the Global Village Build is less than the minimum number required and you are informed of the cancellation in writing within the period indicated in the description of the Global Village Build, or
  • (ii) the cancellation arises due to reasons of force majeure.

We will not compensate Participants for the cost of unusable airfare or any other expenses resulting from cancellation.

Delays en route

If delays occur en route, or missed or cancelled flights cause you to miss your rendezvous with the team, the GV staff will do everything possible to assist you in connecting with the team. However, GV cannot be responsible for any expenses incurred because of flight problems.

Clause A

Within one week of cancellation you must send any money to Habitat for Humanity GB held by you that is donated by third parties together with details of donors. Unless third party donations are expressly conditional on you completing the Global Village Build, they will be treated as unrestricted donations to Habitat for Humanity GB and retained by Habitat for Humanity GB.

For any donations that are expressly conditional on you completing the Global Village Build, Habitat for Humanity GB will, so far as reasonably practical, seek the permission of the relevant donors to retain the donations, despite cancellation. If such a donor does not give permission, Habitat for Humanity GB shall return the donation to the donor.  If a donor cannot be contacted after making reasonable efforts, Habitat for Humanity GB shall retain the donation.

Suspension Policy

The Habitat for Humanity Area Office will determine that a location ought to be closed to Global Village Build teams because of safety or security concerns. In addition, a location will be automatically closed to Global Village Build teams from the UK if the UK government has issued a travel advisory advising citizens of that country to avoid non-essential travel to the location.

The location is also automatically closed if:

  • (i) the governments of any three countries issue a travel advisory advising citizen’s of their countries to avoid non-essential travel to such location;
  • (ii) an international agency or internationally recognized national entity, such as the World Health Organization or the United States Center for Disease Control, issues a travel advisory advising individuals to avoid non-essential travel to such location; or
  • (iii) three or more international airline carriers suspend flights to such location due to safety concerns.  If a location is closed, it cannot host work camps from any third country. For this purpose a location is defined as an area, province, state, district or country with respect to which travel advisories have been issued.

*For more information please refer to our full Terms and Conditions (PDF).