Ireland and Northern Ireland

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Habitat for Humanity Ireland and Northern Ireland help build strong, vibrant communities at home while raising funds to support partner programmes around the world.

Addressing The Housing Need In Ireland

In Ireland, breaking down barriers and building bridges between divided communities has defined our work since it began at Iris Mews in Belfast.

Today, they partner with other charities and communities to improve the quality of housing and community buildings for vulnerable groups.

Through Habitat ReStore, thousands of local families are supported by creating access to low-cost home improvement materials and by providing learning and employability training for people of all ages.

Tackling Housing Poverty In Ireland And Abroad

Local Renovation Program In Dublin Habitat Ireland’s Irish based construction program seeks to partner with Dublin City Council and other…

Local Renovation Program In Dublin

Habitat Ireland’s Irish based construction program seeks to partner with Dublin City Council and other charities to increase access to simple, decent housing for low-income families and vulnerable groups. Our team partners with local organisations to renovate homes in partnership with low-income families in Dublin City Centre.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland’s local renovation program seeks to advance Habitat’s mission in Ireland by providing opportunities for low income-families to become first-time homeowners while engaging the Irish public as witnesses and ambassadors for simple, decent housing in their own community.

‘A Brush With Kindness’ Program In Dublin

The ‘A Brush with Kindness’ program sees Habitat Ireland partner with like-minded organisations to renovate or refurbish housing facilities for vulnerable groups. In the current economic climate, charities are being squeezed more than ever. As resources diminish, the need for the services they provide are at an all-time high.

This initiative enables Habitat Ireland’s partners to increase their capacity to deliver their services while Habitat works towards a vision of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

International Volunteers

The Global Village program is Habitat Ireland’s international volunteer program that engages members of the Irish public to travel overseas to volunteer on Habitat projects for 1-2 weeks.

The trip is a unique, grassroots experience in which volunteers work alongside the future homeowners and are immersed in the local culture. Since 2002, more than 2,500 volunteers have travelled overseas with Habitat Ireland, raising €2 million for Habitat building projects overseas.

Project Support

Since 2007, Habitat Ireland has partnered with Habitat Zambia on the implementation of an Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project which is generously supported by Irish Aid and Irish Global Village volunteers whose donations have helped transform the lives of the families that Habitat work alongside.

The overall aim of the project is to improve the lives of OVC and their caregivers through the provision of adequate housing, water and sanitation services, the attainment of land tenure rights, facilitation of livelihoods and an increased knowledge and understanding of the prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Corporate Partners

Notable support is received for the Local Renovation program in Dublin from companies including Salesforce, AIB, JPMorgan, SanDisk, SAP and the Irish Medical Council. Corporate partnerships can take the form of direct financial support of local projects or corporate volunteering onsite in Dublin.

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