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Habitat for Humanity Great Britain Homes renovates homes and builds on existing land to tackle the housing crisis.

We partner with local organisations and housing authorities to refurbish their existing properties and improve community assets. We provide professional services such as project management and construction expertise to ensure that vulnerable people have a decent place to call home.

The need for Great Britain Homes

The housing crisis in the UK is essentially a shortage of housing. Today hundreds of thousands of new homes are needed each year in order to combat levels of homelessness, overcrowding and affordability. On average house prices are now almost eight times people’s annual income, highlighting how unaffordable house purchasing has become.

In the UK, more than 30% of children live in poverty- with London ranking as the area with the highest child poverty rates. Poor housing perpetuates the poverty cycle for generations, and it is our goal to break that cycle.

Get involved

Beginning with the initial planning through to completion of works, we can partner with you to ensure that your beneficiaries are living in conditions where they can begin to thrive.

Great Britain Homes provides: feasibility studies, project planning and management, and on-site construction.

Working with corporate partners

We work with corporate partners to renovate and upgrade properties providing housing for people in need.

In addition to providing critical support that will enable our partners to better accommodate their service users, there are opportunities to volunteer on-site under the supervision and guidance of our professional construction team.

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Opportunities to partner

Our work is unique because we create long-term housing solutions through our house building and renovation projects. We provide our…

Our work is unique because we create long-term housing solutions through our house building and renovation projects. We provide our corporate partners with a bespoke opportunity to play an integral role in providing affordable homes at a time when the need is high and the development of social housing is at an all-time low.

If you are:

  • An empty home owner
  • A local authority
  • A community group
  • A housing association
  • A training provider or college
  • A corporate

Then we can work with you to maintain, refurbish or build what you require.

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renovating women's refuge in london

Who We Are

Great Britain

Over 65 buildings built & refurbished / Focus on shelters & community centres / Dozens of empty homes reclaimed

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