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Collaboration and partnership

Working with institutions, trusts, foundations and companies

Working in collaboration with our charity partners is key to achieving our mission - fighting poverty housing and building resilient communities. That’s why we seek to develop partnerships that focus on shared value and fully utilise the strengths and skills of all stakeholders. If your organisation is interested in exploring how we can work together, please use one of the links below for further information.

Filling the Gap

Addressing housing shortages and preventing homelessness in Europe requires a wide range of solutions within the housing ecosystem...
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Why we work with partners

Together, we can be more effective in tackling a key global challenge:

  • About 1.6 billion people around the world live in substandard housing
  • 100 million people globally are homeless
  • One billion people (32 percent of the global urban population) live in urban slums

Partner with us today, and join our mission to beat housing poverty worldwide.