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We are passionate about decent housing and believe that everyone has a right to have a safe place to call home. We specialise in developing bespoke and inspiring partnerships that will motivate you to engage with our aim of eradicating housing poverty once and for all. To discuss how we can put together the perfect partnership package for you, please email:

Why partner with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain?

The work that Habitat for Humanity Great Britain do would not be possible without the unwavering support of our partners. To achieve our mission of a world where everyone has a safe place to call home, we believe that collaboration is key.

For Habitat for Humanity Great Britain partnerships are essential for developing new innovative global projects, sharing ideas and insights, gaining exposure to wider audiences and securing sustainable funding to build safe homes around the world.

For our partners, working with us offers an opportunity to make a lasting impact. By working together, our partners are able to engage in the global housing crisis by coming together to fight poverty housing.

Ways to Partner With Us

Fund a Habitat for Humanity Project

We have numerous projects available that will thrive with your funding. Support the construction of resilient homes, the development of slum settlements or the delivery of microfinance projects and more...
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Engage Your Employees

If you are thinking of working with us as your official charity partner, read about how we have inspired our existing and historical partners to become a part of our mission to end poverty housing around the world...
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Join the Empty Spaces Coalition

We are working to repurpose disused buildings to prevent homelessness in the UK and across Mainland Europe. Become part of our coalition to help us turn more empty spaces into safe places to call home...
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Volunteer in Great Britain

Our volunteer programme offers the opportunity for corporates to engage in our work through volunteering. Currently, due to Covid-19, we are only offering safe opportunities within Great Britain...
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Cause Related Marketing

Associating your product with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain through a cause related marketing campaign is a great way to differentiate your product and showcase your values to your customers....
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Be an Institutional Partner

In order to build resilient communities, fight against poverty housing and respond to natural disasters we develop practical, innovative and mutually beneficial projects with institutional partners...
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