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Our speakers come from a range of different backgrounds and have a varied knowledge of the work that Habitat for Humanity Great Britain do. Whether you have volunteered with us, or are an employee with one of our partner organisations, we invite you to become part of our story.

Why We Need You

As one of the world’s leading housing charities, we are passionate about building homes and hope. We want to inspire others to be as passionate as we are about building safe and decent homes.

Taking part in events on the topic of safe housing is a key way for us to engage in the housing crisis, get others involved in solving the issue, and helping people to understand the challenges people face around housing and land rights.

By attending events with us, you will stand alongside us and help strengthen our mission by sharing your own expertise with others

Ways to Get Involved

In 2022, and beyond, we anticipate attending many events to speak about our approach to climate friendly housing solutions, our building work, the Empty Spaces Coalition, working with vulnerable groups, and more. Below are some examples of past speaking opportunities.

Radio Appeal - Voiced by Jan Eldred

Jan Eldred has spoken for us at a variety of events. Most notably, in April 2019, Jan was the voice of our BBC4 Radio campaign and spoke on the topic of refugees in Syria.

The Green Register - Twilight Talks

In December 2021 The Green Register invited us to take part a discussion about sustainable housing. During the 'Empty to Cozy Homes' discussion we talked about our Coalition aspirations in addition to the social elements of affordable housing.

Volunteer Speakers at The Destination Show

When Habitat for Humanity Great Britain was invited to attend The Destination Show in 2019, we knew that we could call on our trusted volunteers to speak about our work. Over the course of 3 days, volunteers offered their time to engage with the general public about our work. Some volunteers also took to the main stage to participate in information sharing sessions.

Speakers at COP26

During COP26, we held a side event on the topic of achieving net zero cities through green retrofitting and renovations of empty spaces. During this event we had 6 guest speakers. The panel was made up of past volunteers, partners, and staff at Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.

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Join our Speakers Register

We attend events on the topic of safe housing all year round. We enjoy inviting our supporters along to these events to speak on their experience with us and input their knowledge on the sector.

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My favorite thing about my enclosures is that I can alter it to fit whatever environment I’m trying to create.
This was originally a desert setup, a beautiful one at that, but I’ve had to change it up a bit to fit whatever new critter comes my way. In this case, a setup for a Sudan plated lizard.
Designing enclosures is a therapy for me. It’s the perfect balance of creativity and doing something for animals at the same time.
If enclosure design is something you lack in, take the time to research and draw out the animal’s natural environment and then get creative to bring that habitat to an enclosure! I used to feel like I couldn’t do it justice, but after practicing and tons of research, I now have the confidence to bring anything to life. You can do it too.
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What did you think of our Pronghorn habitat? Check it out 👆 and be sure to let me know what you'd love to see next! 🌿 ...

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Help us raise our goal for habitat_gso - we’ve got 3 weeks and we KNOW we can do it! 💪

For the Hearts for Home fundraiser we are working alongside Greensboro area banks, residential realtors, and mortgage companies to fully fund and build a Habitat home for a Greensboro family. 🏡❤️

💵Our goal is to raise $2,500 from individuals in 3 weeks with a corporate matching gift of $2,500.

Want to donate? Click on the link below or in our stories! Thanks for helping us support this wonderful organization! #trmhomes

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When Mary, Habitat's newest homeowner, signs her mortgage, she will become our 160th Homeowner. We are floored and honored as we reach this milestone—for us and for Mary, who has put in 400 hours of sweat equity and worked for over 20 months to become a homeowner. We are very excited for Mary, plus her two sons and her grandson to move in.

160 houses has taken 35 years of dedication from staff, volunteers, plus amazing support from Alachua County, the City of Gainesville and incredible generosity from our donors. We'd like to offer a special thanks to the Interfaith community of congregations for their financial and volunteer support in making Mary's home possible. This will be our community's 10th Interfaith house. We would also like to thank Publix Supermarkets Charities, SHOP (Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program), and the Florida Realtors Association for their generous financial support.
#alachuahabitatforhumanity #habitatforhumanity #habitatfamily #habitatbuild #publixcharities #affordablehousing #gainesville #gnvfl

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