CISCO Cambodia Build:

Khut's Family Update

Khut Et’s new family home

Khut Et’s new home was constructed by a team of passionate and hard-working volunteers from Cisco in 2018.

Since the Build took place Khut Et and her grandaughter Lina’s life have changed, and to say a huge thank you to the Cisco team Lina would like to share some thoughts on the Build and what it has meant to the family.

Ktut Et and her grandaughter Lina at home in Cambodia


“Things have changed so much. After getting a new home I became really excited because a new home is not only providing my family with a strong shelter, but it also helps to fullfill my family’s dreams of having a safe place to live.”

Since the construction of the new family home, Lina has been able to learn how to tailor clothing to sell. Now that the family don’t have to worry about spending money on repairs to the house it has been possible for her mother to buy Lina a sewing machine so that she can work from home in a permanent job.

“The house is strong enough to protect my family from getting wet…”

The ability to spend their money on a sewing machine means that every day Lina could could earn 2 dollars a day from the sewing. Lina expresses that she is pleased the house is so secure telling us that, ” the house is strong enough to protect my family from getting wet and leaking water during the rainy
season, compared to our previous life, we feel really satisfied with our new home.”

From the income that Lina makes she  is now able to cover daily expenses for food and other essentials. She tries to save some money for herself as well but when her grandmother Khut Et gets sick she is now able to use the money to cover the medical bills.

Khut and Lina at the door to their new home. Cambodia CISCO

Remembering the volunteers

Khut Et turns 87 this year (2019) and tells the team in Cambodia that she is beginning to lose her memory. Despite this she wants to ensure that the volunteers understand what an incredible impact they have had on her life.

“I am sorry I am too old to remember all of you but I would like to put my hands together praying for you all. The best of luck to each of you, please understand the merit that you deserve for your help, and take the blessing that I am giving you all.”

Lina is caring for her grandmother and dis excited to learn more about sewing by embarking on training courses with professional teachers.

As the main carer of Khut, knowing that her grandmother is living within safe walls means that Lina now trusts that her grandmother is much safer to be left alone without needing to be by her side at every moment.

A final message from Lina to the CISCO team reads:

“I miss you all so much. I sometimes picture all your faces and activities you have done around my house. I will never ever forget everyone. You all are in my heart. Thanks for giving me a group photo of the team, I always look at it every day. Finally, I would like to express my thanks to you all again for coming into my life and really supporting building our home both physically and mentally. Hopefully, one day you will come to visit me and my grandmother in Battambang again.”