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We've received your donation and are extremely thankful for your support of our work across the world.

We help a family every 5.5 minutes and since 1976 we have built, repaired and renovated over 1 million homes helping over 10 million people. Thank you for being part of this. 

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For every £1 you give, we spend:

  • 90p on implementing our vision through our programmes (building and repairing homes, providing vital skills, responding to disasters, etc)
  • 10p on raising the next £1 as well as governance and administrative costs

Over 40 years...

Home is the foundation to achieving essential human rights such as: education, property, food and privacy. It is the first step toward a future of opportunities and prosperity.

Since 1976, our worldwide network has been working in over 70 countries, built more than 1 million homes and served over 10 million people.

Our work takes us across the world on projects such as:

  • Housing the orphans and disabled in Lesotho
  • Setting up refugee camps in Lebanon
  • Building emergency housing in Haiti
  • Funding clean water projects in Delhi
  • Building affordable homes here in the UK