Join Habitat for Humanity’s expedition straight from home!

Our online escape game offers a glimpse into Habitat projects and countries where we work. Prove your problem-solving skills by winning as an individual, or boost your teamwork credentials by playing with your friends or colleagues.

How does the online expedition work?

  • This game is designed for a desktop computer or a laptop with a mouse. If you want to use a smaller screen some things may not work as well or may not be very visible.
  • This journey is most fun with company so make sure everyone can see the screen. Playing from separate houses? Use a video call to talk to each other so you can solve the puzzles together. 
  • Some puzzles are harder than others. This allows everyone to be challenged at some point in the game.

Let's do it!

Will you join Habitat on our online expedition?

  • Click on the right places, read, solve, search, listen, print, and draw if you need to. Still, stuck? We also provide hints!
  • The solution to a puzzle may be a number or a letter you have to fill in somewhere else. Remember and/or write these answers down.
  • This game takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.
  • During the game, you will come to understand the work that Habitat for Humanity does. Would you like to support our work with a donation? 

Let's play!