Serving Poor Communities in Bago and Yangon

Projects in Myanmar

Our work in Myanmar is currently primarily focused on people living in vulnerable communities within rural Bago and urban Yangon. Since the military takeover in February 2021, more families than ever in Myanmar have been plunged into extreme poverty. Through a combination of humanitarian and development approaches, our work in Myanmar is supporting vulnerable communities within rural Bago and urban Yangon to access safe and decent housing. To improve conditions for those living in poverty housing in Myanmar Habitat for Humanity partner with village and ward committees (people’s organisations) and engage local volunteers from the community. By forging these partnerships, we ensure that our projects are people-centered and people-driven.

Here are just some of the incredible achievements of 2022 in Myanamar that would not have been possible without your support.


Making a Sustainable Impact in Bago

In 2022, Habitat for Humanity Myanmar led the led the implementation of a Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) project in Bago. The project worked with two communities to launch a community-led weekly clean up drive in Pha Ye village. Through provision of cleaning tools, garbage bins, the village has become a safe and clean environment for all who live there. The supply of awareness-raising posters has also highlighted the importance of maintaining a clean environment which it is hoped will serve the community by limiting the spread of illness and disease.

cleaning up the environment in Bago, Myanmar

To coincide with the community-led weekly clean up drives, Habitat for Humanity have been working with community members and volunteers to empower them with the knowledge to make meaningful change in their communities. As part of the project to improve understanding of the importance of safe hygiene, 15 volunteers and members of the community received training on WaSH practices which they will go on to share with others. In addition, in 2022 alone, 831 individuals received hygiene kits containing essential items such as soap, masks, and hand sanitiser as well as information booklets with helpful information on how to improve hygiene and health.

providing WASH training in Bago, Myanmar

In order to further support vulnerable communities in Bago, Habitat for Humanity has also supported the village of Kamar Pha Yan through the provision of private and clean toilets. By installing toilets in the village, 40 households in the village will no longer need to go to the toilet outside or use makeshift latrines or holes in the ground. Not only has the provision of toilets improved sanitation facilities, but six individuals from the village were also able to gain short-term employment by supporting their construction.


Creating Positive Change in Yangon

sustainable farming techniques in Yangon and Bago, Myanmar

In Yangon, Habitat for Humanity Myanmar have supported communities to access safe and decent housing through varied projects that aim to increase awareness, knowledge, and access to essentials such as water. By focusing on livelihoods, Habitat for Humanity were able to supply 54 households with financial assistance to support activities such as small businesses and enterprise. When working with women in the community, supporting them to improve their cultivation of food for private consumption was focused on. To improve their monthly yield, 25 women were trained in hydroponic gardening. This type of gardening will increase the community’s ability to grow a wider variety of food and medicinal crops in non-typical conditions without reliance on soil quality.



water pump and taps in yangon myanmar

As well as improving farming practices in Yangon, Habitat for Humanity have also been working with communities to improve access to safe and clean water. In order to achieve this, Habitat for Humanity Myanmar worked with volunteers and partners to install a pumping station where 800 households will be able to go to collect water. As the community’s main source of drinking water, this is an essential improvement that will see improved health.






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Habitat for Humanity continues to operate in a challenging environment in Myanmar: road checkpoints, very high inflation, long brownouts and vendors demanding immediate cash payments to name a few. Our areas of operation are relatively safe, but armed fights continue in other parts of the country. Hope for normalcy returning remain, but many doubt the prospects of election in August 2023.

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