Don't Send Me a Card - An alternative way to donate

What is 'Don't Send Me a Card?' provide digital e-card alternatives for all occasions that, not only raise donations for charity, but also spare trees from being turned into paper.

The concept offers an environmentally friendly way for you to make a positive contribution to charity whilst still being able to send a loving message to your friends and family on their special day – be it Easter, Christmas, Father’s Day, or Christmas etc.

How do I send an one?

We have many different designs for you to choose from. Visit the Don’t Send Me a Card website by clicking the link below and then personalise your message.

Whilst checking-out you will be asked to pay an amount of your choice. This will then be donated to Habitat for Humanity Great Britain to support our projects around the world.

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Why take part?

This is a fun way of giving to charity that will directly support our global projects. The donations that you make can go a long way in helping us to alleviate housing poverty around the world. Here are some ways that your donations could make a difference:

  •  If you buy £16 worth of e-cards, you could supply a  stationary to support study groups in Zambia that can enable them to learn about their finances and land rights.
  • You could support our emergency response. With £25 worth of e-cards, you could help us to supply emergency aid kits during times of crisis.


Every donation is a huge gift in our eyes! Whether you are buying one item or fifty, we thank you for choosing Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.

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