1.8 billion people don’t have adequate housing. Let’s change that. Let’s build.

Right now, millions of people around the world are facing a housing crisis. But with your support Habitat for Humanity can continue our work reaching families all across the world and right here in Britain too. Honduras is just one of the many countries where we work. With a quarter of the population struggling to survive on less than £1.60 a day and 50% of rural households without a supply of electricity, the need for decent housing and infrastructure is critical.

Milady’s story

In the small city of Cane, Honduras, a mother is smiling warmly at her two children as they wait expectantly outside their home. Taking them both by the hand, she leads them up the freshly laid pathway towards a solid wooden doorway. Pulling a key from the pocket of her jeans, she unlocks the door and the children giggle as they race inside. They are home.

This might seem an ordinary family scene, but for Milady and her children, Maisy (6) and Ronal (4), this is the beginning of a whole new chapter in their lives. For a family entering their Habitat for Humanity home for the first time, the relentless daily battle of living in housing poverty will begin to come to an end.

In these Habitat for Humanity homes, there’s no more leaking roofs causing possessions to get ruined. Rooms are decently sized with space for children to play and study. The floor is professionally laid.  The doors are lockable and secure so families can sleep soundly at night. There’s a kitchen with a proper supply of water and a place to cook, sit, and eat together. This is what home should be.

A beneficiary family from honduras
The children radiate happiness from the moment they come into the house. One of my greatest joys in life is seeing my children happy - seeing that they are happy and safe in their space. To be able to give them a roof over their heads, a decent home, I feel like the happiest woman in the world. Milady

Cost of Living Crisis

As we face a cost of living crisis, and the price of groceries, bills, and transport escalates, those already living in poverty will undoubtedly be hit the hardest. Right now, millions of people are trying to get by without a decent place to live. Your gift can help to change this. Together, we can reach more families like Milady and her children, helping them into the home they so desperately need. Let’s fight this housing crisis. Let’s build.

Life in Honduras

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Children Thrive in Safe Housing

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