Listen to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 21st January and Thursday 25th January to hear Daliso Chaponda host our appeal.

This January, we are thrilled to announce that Daliso Chaponda, a comedian from Zambia and Malawi, will host our BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Daliso is a passionate advocate for Habitat for Humanity’s global mission, believing that, “Having a non-harmful place to eat, sleep, be together and feel secure is a human right and about dignity.”


Missed our BBC Radio 4 Appeal? Don’t worry! You can still listen to the broadcast by clicking the bbc radio 4 logo here:



Daliso's Inspiring Message:

Daliso will share his experiences growing up in various African countries, emphasizing the importance of having a secure and decent home, regardless of location, as it serves as the foundation for a stable and promising future..


..Something that Tasila and her three children have always wanted. Residents of Makululu, Zambia, an informal settlement with a population of around sixty thousand, Tasila and her family face poor living conditions and live in constant fear of eviction or “land-grabbing”.

How can you get involved?

We need your help to provide safer homes for more families like Tasila’s. Please get involved by:

  • Listening to the appeal

Sunday 21 January at 07:54 and 21:25. And on Thursday 25 January at 15:27.

  • Making a donation

£42 is all it costs for people like Tasila to attend a land-rights training course. This covers the venue, instructor fees, transport, and study materials. Your contribution will greatly help.

  • Sharing the appeal

Share with your networks and tell your loves ones to tune in!

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Get involved

Help us spread the message, encourage your friends and family to listen to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Below you will find a couple of image graphics that you can download and share.