India 2018 Women Build Update

Women Build 2018 Update

In March 2018, a determined group of women from around the globe came together for Women Build in Bawana, India to Build homes for two inspirational women and their families.

When the team arrived they were introduced to Lalita, who lived with her partner, their son, and their two daughters. The team then met Khalida Khatun who lived with her two sons, two daughters, four granddaughters, and grandson. 

The photographs above: The left image shows Lalita standing outside her old house. The image on the right shows Lalita sitting on the steps of her new home next to the secure front door.

The photographs below: On the left hand side you will see Khalida stood by the front door to her old house. On the right you will see Khalida smiling in her new kitchen and pantry.

Both families lived in Bawana, which had been a victim of Delhi’s beautification drive for the Commonwealth Games. This government ‘clean-up’ left families being displaced and moved into slum settlements with no eviction notices served. With no notice being given most of the families in the area were left with nothing but each other and whatever they could carry.

Lalita and Khalida’s previous housing conditions made it difficult for the women to ensure the safety of themselves or their family. Poor wages meant that the families were both unable to save any money to make much needed repairs to their homes. This inability to make repairs meant that their houses were not secure from the outside world.

The success of the Women Build team has meant that the families now have a place to thrive and live healthily and happily together within the secure walls of their homes.


Lalita’s new family home

Lalita’s new home has a secure door and windows to keep her family safe at night. The new 120 square foot house with new facilities has given the family the space that they needed, along with the privacy that everyone deserves.

“Now I can put more focus on my children’s education and livelihood…”

When speaking with Lalita about her new home she expressed pride and happiness. “I have everything that I ever dreamt of and with better facilities too. Now that I have this new home I can focus more on the children’s education and livelihood. I also feel safe and secure now.”

This new home means that the income her partner receives from rickshaw driving can now be spent on the things that the family really need and not just on home repairs.

;alita in her new kitchen in Bawana India

Lalita standing in the new kitchen in her new family home.

Khalida’s new family home

Khalida’s new home has been a relief for the whole family. With 10 people under one roof the family were excited to find that the home has enough space for everyone to live happily together.

“Now that I have a new house I feel relaxed…”

Khalida told us “I am very happy that I have received a new house. Now that I have a new house I feel relaxed, and now my younger son can get married and live in the new house with us and his wife. We have room for the whole family now.”

This new home offers the family a clean and safe place to live, and gives them all the ability to live comfortably together. Khalida is excited to now have a suitable kitchen to prepare meals for the family.

The photograph below shows Khalida and her family member in their new kitchen.

Khalida in India Bawana in her new home after women build


A final thank you from Lalita and Khalida

Both Lalita and Khalida want to say a huge thank you to all of the volunteers that made their dream of living in a safe, secure home a reality. The women have let us know that “Any of you that come back to India can stay at our homes.”