Neliya Jamson – Malawi

Neliya and her family experienced a new lease of life when they moved into their new Habitat Home. Neliya is now making plans to improve her living standards.  In the past she used every bit of money she had to buy grass to repair her roof and toilet. Now she uses the same money to buy clothes for her family.

To Neliya, her new house means new life. Her house now has enough rooms, privacy has been restored, it won’t leak when it rains and there has been no more malaria as every room has a decent mosquito net. The children’s health has also improved – no more coughs as the house has a ventilated pit latrine, air vents, windows and a good floor, which is easy to clean.

“I would like to sincerely thank the team from UK for coming very far way, just to construct a good house for me. This is true love that I have never seen. I hope one day I will be able to see these committed visitors to show them what a great work they have done for me and my entire family. Please do not stop to do the same to other needy people like me. God bless you all,” commented Neliya with tears of joy running down her cheeks.

HFH Malawi and the local community would like to thank HFH Great Britain for the tremendous work that the volunteers did for Neliya and her family. Memories are still fresh about how well the team interacted with the local community as they danced, played and worked together with the families.

Now the family has their most treasured gift: a wonderful house.

They are sleeping freely without thinking of being killed by a falling roof. The children are full of confidence and are looking forward to going to school because they now have a decent home, which is conducive for study.

It is HFH Malawi’s hope that this partnership will continue to grow from strength to strength through increased GV builds as we strive to make sure that everyone has a decent place to live. The volunteers that you are sending continue to be hearts, hands and voices for cause of adequate affordable housing.

Zikomo Kwambiri (Thank you very much)


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