A remarkable survivor

“The 2015 earthquake had brought about complete chaos. Our house collapsed and our belongings were buried under the rubble. Thankfully our family and cattle were unharmed.”

Still grieving…

“Staff from Habitat for Humanity came to my village and encouraged me to rebuild my home. At first, I didn’t want to. I wasn’t keen to rebuild what I had lost. But everyone kept trying to convince me. I was still grieving my husband’s death and I wasn’t able to think about rebuilding until my children had grown up.

But Habitat Nepal and the community helped me build this house. Volunteers came from afar to build together with me. Not even my own family members were able to help me. Engineers came and took the site measurements while volunteers dug the foundation.

“I helped by passing stones, mud mortar, in whichever way I could. I also fetched water to make the workers’ job easier.”

Focusing on the future

“We had lived in a shed after the earthquake. After building a new house, we could finally settle down. Now that I have a stable home, I can focus on my children’s education and direct them on the right path in life.”

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