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You Stream. We Build.

We are one of the world's leading house building charities. By Streaming for us you will be raising vital funds to further our projects in the UK and overseas. Take a look below for some inspiration and to get signed up.

Why Stream for Habitat for Humanity Great Britain?

Since 1976, we have built more than 1.3 million homes and served over 29 million people – working in over 70 countries.

As well as building homes, we also construct clean toilets and resilient rescue centres, teach people about their land rights, educate people about finances, and so much more!

By streaming for us, you will be directly contributing to our projects. With your help, we can keep building safe and decent homes around the world.

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How to #StreamforHabitat


Sign up below and create your fundraising page for Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.


Set your fundraising target and a gaming date. Let your virtual friends know about your event.


Now you've done the hard work it's time to #StreamforHabitat

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Read below for inspiration and to get signed up before you start streaming.

Let the Live Stream Begin...

Are you ready to live stream for sustainable housing?

Before you get started we recommend that you sign up below. This way, we can help spread the word and support any requests that you have. Click below to sign up. We look forward to seeing you #StreamforHabitat

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Need Inspiration?

Choose your Topic

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to streaming. Whether you want to play music, host a debate, discuss our work, or show the world your favourite hobby – anything goes.

There are so many ways to fundraise for us during your stream. All you need to do is engage your audience. This can be done through challenges, whereby you set yourself tasks to do when you hit a certain amount of donations. Another way to raise donations can simply be to ask and to explain frequently why Habitat for Humanity Great Britain is so important to you.

We are sure that no matter how you stream, you will do an amazing job!

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Make sure you select Habitat for Humanity Great Britain when creating your fundraising page. If you select Habitat for Humanity - we won't receive your fundraising or be able to see your fundraising on our leaderboard!

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