The Habitat Cleanout

How to build homes and hope around the world (and get the motivation you need to declutter!)

Did you know that you can build homes and hope around the world simply by decluttering?

This year clear out your cupboards and start raising funds, quickly, easily and most importantly safely, from the comfort of your own home! Simply select the items that you don't need or use anymore, sell them online and donate your earnings to Habitat! Your donations will help us build safe and secure homes around the world, for those that need them the most.

Step 1: Gather your Team!

Step 1: Gather your team!

Make a team (we suggest up to 8 in a team) and choose a team captain. The team captain will help the group set a fundraising target and ensure that everyone gets set up for selling online. Agree on which online marketplaces you want to use and set a time frame.

Step 2: Clear out + take photos!

Step 2: Clear out  + take photos!

We suggest choosing small items that you can easily post. As we are currently under Covid-19 restrictions, we wouldn’t want to encourage unnecessary travel. Make sure to take many pictures of your items, remember photos mean pounds.

Step 3: Sold Out! (congrats!)

Step 3: Get your items gone!

Share your selling page links with colleagues, friends, family and us. When they’re all gone, collect the cash and pay the funds on to your team fundraising page. (We can help you set up a team fundraising page on Enthuse, our platform of choice!)

By clearing out your clutter you can convert toys for toilets, books for bricks, and rugs for roofs!

The funds that you’ll raise will help Habitat for Humanity give other people around the world a safe and decent home!

Toys for Toilets

£17 could help build the foundations for a toilet in Cambodia, to reduce the spread of diseases such as cholera.

Books for Bricks

£25 could buy over 200 bricks towards building a house in Kenya, where a child can grow up feeling safe and secure.

Rugs for Roofs

£30 could help construct a bamboo roof so that children can study whilst staying warm and dry.

Selling TIPS!

1.Take good photos: You don’t need a fancy camera, just use your smartphone. When shooting, remember to choose a well-lit place, take photos from various angles, and capture blemishes to help the buyer avoid surprises.
2.Write a great title: Titles help buyers find your listing. A good one can get you a sale, so be sure to avoid using all caps and focus on item specifics like brand, model, size and colour.
3.Include the price: Note if you are willing to negotiate the price by putting down “OBO,” which stands for “Or Best Offer.”
4.Respond to offers promptly: Stay on top of any offers you get for the item. Try to reply as soon as possible so you do not risk losing the buyer.For more information on how to get your organisation involved please contact Katie,