Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Tuesday 7th February 2023

  • Two strong earthquakes hit southern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday, February 6, with dozens of aftershocks felt across the region. The earthquake is the strongest to hit Turkey since 1939. It occurred in the early hours of the morning, when people were inside and sleeping.
  • The earthquakes left heavy destruction across southern Turkey and northern Syria. Damage to buildings and houses is widespread. More than 6,400 buildings collapsed in 10 cities of southern and southeast Turkey, according to the Turkish health minister. Local authorities estimate that in Aleppo alone 3,000 building are at risk of collapse.
  • The affected regions are currently facing winter conditions with snow and sleet falling in affected areas and freezing temperatures projected in the days to come. Telecommunications are disrupted, exacerbating efforts to identify and account for family.
  • The earthquakes were felt by Habitat staff in Lebanon and Egypt, all of whom have reported they are safe.


Statement by Habitat for Humanity Great Britain

We at Habitat for Humanity are deeply concerned for all those in Turkey and Syria affected by the earthquake, which has claimed thousands of lives and caused widespread destruction. We are closely monitoring the situation and liaising with local partners who have a presence in those countries. We stand in solidarity with all the people affected and the response teams on the ground.