What Items Can You Donate to Habitat ReStore Great Britain?

A Guide to Accepted and Restricted Donations

We're grateful for every donation, but some items can't be accepted for safety or logistical reasons.

Here's a comprehensive guide to what you can and cannot donate to Habitat ReStore Great Britain.

Items We Gladly Accept

These are the typical categories of items we accept. If you’re cleaning out your home or office, consider donating these to Habitat ReStore Great Britain:


  • Building Materials: Windows, doors, cabinets, sinks, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, flooring, full cans of paint, plumbing fixtures.
  • Hardware: Tools, nails, screws, knobs and other small hardware items.
  • Outdoor Items: Patio furniture, gardening tools and small lawn equipment.
  • Furniture: Chairs, tables, bookshelves, dressers, and other furniture in good condition.
  • Appliances: Refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers and microwaves (we accept large and small appliances, but they must be in working condition).

Items We Cannot Accept

To ensure safety and maintain the quality of items we resell, there are some donations we cannot accept. Please refer to the list below to avoid bringing items that cannot be used by Habitat ReStore Great Britain:


  • Fencing: We do not accept any type of fencing material.
  • Bricks: Due to logistical constraints, we cannot take bricks or large masonry items.
  • Mattresses and Box Springs: For hygiene and safety reasons, we do not accept mattresses or box springs.
  • Hazardous Materials: Items like chemicals, gasoline and propane tanks cannot be accepted.
  • Torn or Damaged Furniture: Furniture with extensive damage, tears, or broken parts is unsuitable for resale.
  • Electronics
  • Non-Working Appliances: Appliances that are not in working condition are unsuitable for donation.
  • Children’s and Baby Furniture: Due to health and safety and possible recalls we cannot accept baby cribs, highchairs etc.
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Medical Equipment: Due to safety and possible recalls, we cannot accept wheelchairs, walkers, adjustable beds etc.
  • Lumber which Contains Nails

Questions About Donations?

Donating to us is easy. Just bring your items to our location in 8-16 High Street, Romford, RM1 1HR during the following opening times: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 10am – 4pm

If you have any further questions about what you can donate or if you have an item not listed here, please contact us at: restore@habitatforhumanity.org.uk

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We’re here to help you understand what can be donated to Habitat ReStore Great Britain and we appreciate your support in adhering to these guidelines.