Revantage – London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge

The Revantage Cycle Challenge Begins

Embarking on an extraordinary journey, 85 determined riders gathered in Orpington, ready to pedal their way from London to Amsterdam. The Revantage London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge would test their physical limits, while simultaneously fuelling their passion to make a difference.

Day One: The Best of the British Countryside

Under the radiant sun, the group set off, navigating the verdant green expanse of the Kent countryside. As they whizzed past fields and through picturesque villages showcasing the best of British nature, an unwavering spirit of determination filled the air. With international teams from the UK, Luxembourg, and the USA , this group shared a common goal—to make a positive impact.

A minor tumble early on only served to strengthen their resolve and demonstrated their commitment to the task at hand. Over a satisfying lunch at the Farriers Arms, they replenished their energy with a hearty lunch of pasta, sandwiches, and chocolate brownies. The midday break provided a moment to reflect on their incredible achievement thus far—a staggering £185,000 had been raised. Energized and fortified, they braced themselves for the toughest leg yet—the formidable hills of Dover.

With a collective mindset of “we can do this,” the team pushed through the demanding ascent to the Dover port. Boarding the boat, a sense of accomplishment washed over them as they re-applied suncream, rehydrated and reflected on a day well spent. As they neared the mainland, the riders were elated to discover that their afternoon endeavors had garnered additional support, boosting their fundraising total to an impressive £192,579—edging ever closer to their ambitious £200,000 target.

Revantage bike ride London to Amsterdam challenge for habitat for humanity great britain


Day Two: Challenges and Triumphs

Day two presented the team with fresh obstacles as they set off, already feeling the weariness from the previous day’s exertions. Crossing from France into Belgium, they arrived at the enchanting square in Veurne, where an assortment of French pastries and refreshing watermelon awaited—a well-deserved treat for their tired bodies. Pushing forward, the riders made their way to the captivating historic town of Brugge, each pedal stroke a testament to their strength and will power.

However, the elements conspired against them, and the windy weather slowed their progress across long bridges, with the backdrop of both quaint historic windmills and modern wind turbines. Despite these challenges, they persisted, fortifying themselves with a delightful picnic lunch by the canal. The following leg proved to be the most demanding yet, with even seasoned riders surpassing personal distance records. As the sun set, the riders arrived at their evening destination, eagerly anticipating a well-deserved feast and rest.

Revantage bike ride London to Amsterdam challenge for habitat for humanity great britain


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Day Three: Inspiring Landscapes and a Triumphant Finish

Day three dawned with renewed determination as the team embarked on the final leg of their journey. Beginning in the scenic location of Ouddorp, the Revantage riders were treated to a picturesque route, winding through captivating canals and iconic windmills of Rotterdam. A beachside lunch provided an opportunity to reflect on their achievements, considering the countless lives that could be transformed by their fundraising efforts.

Pedaling onward, their wheels followed the canals and paths to the R museum in Central Amsterdam, marking the triumphant completion of their London to Amsterdam cycle challenge. Exhausted but elated, the team gathered to celebrate their remarkable fundraising total and the physical feat they had accomplished.

The Revantage London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge will stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of these 85 riders. They embarked on a remarkable adventure that tested their endurance, while simultaneously raising an awe-inspiring £210,000 (to date) to support our work.  As the team triumphantly reached the finish line, they left an indelible mark—a reminder that together, we can conquer any challenge and make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Revantage bike ride London to Amsterdam challenge for habitat for humanity great britain



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