How To Represent Our Brand

Habitat for Humanity GB Brand Guide

When you are communicating with others about the work that we do it is important to represent the brand in the right way. By using this brand guide you will be able to represent Habitat for Humanity GB in a memorable way. Keeping your material consistent with our branding can make you look legitimate, and stop you from looking unprofessional.

Primary Colours

The Primary Colours are grey, white, blue, green, and black.

How to use the primary colours colours:

  • Borders, and frames
  • Background for white or black text
  • Use the codes provided to find the correct shade.
  • Text box over the top of photos (remember not to block anyone’s face with the text box)

Secondary Colours

The Secondary Colours are Light Green, Dark Blue, Bright Orange, and Brick Red.

How to use the secondary colours:

  • If you need more colours after having used the primary colours
  •  For non-key design elements
  • Use them for background work and not for text colour
  • Use the codes provided to find the correct shade of colour for producing any of your own materials.

Social Media Representation

  • Use clear, non-derogatory language
  • Be respectful in any photos that you share
  • Only post photos of other people with their consent
  • Use the official colours in your designs where possible
  • Please do not over stretch or distort the official logo

Using The Logo

Click the arrows to learn more about using our logo. It is important that the Habitat for Humanity GB logo is treated conscientiously and consistently. This helps to maintain a clear understanding of who we are and what we stand for.

How to use the logo

Ensure that the logo you use is one of these, and not one our previous older versions. You can use the downloadable logo's (PNG) available below in black and white. If you are placing the lgoo on top of an image you will need to ensure that the background is plain so that the logo can be easily seen.

How NOT to use the logo

No elements should be added to the logo - such as adding a tag line. In addition, no elements should be altered on the logo. This means that the colour of the writing, or the background should not be changed.