Code of Conduct

Habitat for Humanity Great Britain Volunteer Code of Conduct

Becoming a Habitat volunteer comes with great rewards and responsibilities. Volunteers like you are representatives of Habitat for Humanity and its mission. When you accept a volunteer role with Habitat for Humanity, you are committing to act in a way that promotes Habitat’s mission, respects the local community, and ensures the safety of all participants. In addition to complying with all laws, regulations and Habitat for Humanity policies, all volunteers are expected to follow the volunteer code of conduct outlined below.

  1. Promote a respectful community: Treat all volunteers, employees, and community members with respect, courtesy, and dignity. This includes avoiding the use of insensitive or offensive language. Volunteers are also expected to refrain from engaging in physical or emotional violence toward others. Another key way volunteers can promote a welcoming, respectful environment is to make efforts to understand and honor the local culture and by following all rules and policies set forth by a program staff member or supervising volunteer.
  2. Prioritize site safety: Safety rules and guidelines on the volunteer site have been created to keep you and others safe as you volunteer and must be followed. Activities that pose a safety risk to yourself or others should be avoided. Report any unsafe working conditions to the onsite supervisor.
  3. Uphold a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs and weapons: The purchase or possession of drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited on Habitat for Humanity property and volunteer sites. The purchase or possession of alcohol is also strictly prohibited on Habitat for Humanity volunteer sites, even if permitted by local laws or by the laws of the volunteer’s home country.
  4. Model behaviour that respects the human rights of all people and protects beneficiaries and children from exploitation and abuse. Habitat for Humanity has adopted the standards established by the United Nations to respect the human rights of all people and especially beneficiaries and children. Help model acceptable behavior by making sure your actions reflect the standards Habitat for Humanity has adopted. Inappropriate physical or sexual relationships with other volunteers, staff, and community members should be avoided. And, at no time may volunteers engage in sexual activity with a child (a person under the age of 18 regardless of the legal age of consent) or any Habitat beneficiaries.
  5. Follow the gift giving policy: To avoid potential misunderstandings, embarrassment, injured feelings or jealousy, volunteers are asked not to exchange gifts with Habitat beneficiaries, staff members or community members without consulting Habitat staff. Volunteers may speak with a staff member about appropriate ways to exchange gifts and our staff is happy to suggest gifts that will benefit the entire community.
  6. Safeguard Habitat assets: Use reasonable care to protect and safeguard all Habitat for Humanity assets. Stealing, misappropriation or diversion of Habitat for Humanity funds, property, or other assets for personal benefit is not permitted nor is otherwise engaging in fraudulent activity regarding Habitat for Humanity’s assets, operations, or beneficiaries.
  7. Maintain confidentiality: Build trust with other volunteers and Habitat for Humanity by respecting the confidentiality of volunteers, staff, Habitat beneficiaries, and community members. Unless you receive prior written approval from HFHI, you will not disclose confidential HFHI information or confidential information given to you by others.
  8. Adhere to the Safeguarding policy: Adhere to HFH/I Safeguarding policy at all times – when representing HFH/I– twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.

Habitat for Humanity Great Britain expects participants to behave in a manner consistent with our core values.