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Due to Coronavirus, our overseas volunteering programme is on hold for the safety of both our volunteers and the communities in which we build. When the time is right, and with you beside us, we stand ready to once again accelerate our efforts with renewed energy and commitment to fulfil our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. In the meantime you can keep up-to-date with our news and follow us on social media and share our stories.

Latest stories from our blog

A new decade, a new challenge

Lindsey Marsh is a Habitat for Humanity Global Village Volunteer and Team Leader. He visited Guatemala with AON in 2019 to build houses and install smokeless stoves over the course of one week. This is his story.



Not an Everyday Occurence

Andy, a Habitat for Humanity Team Leader, returned to Cambodia three years after a Build in Siem Reap and witnessed first-hand the impact of his team’s support to a local family. This is his story.

Building a legacy in Malawi

John and Touchstone are building a legacy in Malawi with Habitat that is changing the lives of families right now and will benefit generations to come.
The sense of community, respect, hard work and support that we experienced is something I will treasure forever. It is an experience of a lifetime. Gill, India
The feeling of pure joy and happiness knowing you have changed people’s lives just by giving up 10 days of your life is indescribable… You wanted to be the difference, to make a change, to light up someone’s life. Georgina, Cambodia
My time in Malawi was an emotional roller coaster - building relationships with all of the families and children was wonderful. They were all so welcoming and friendly. Our team was also fantastic and I’ve made friends for life. Chris, Malawi
It is the noblest act of selflessness - to come to a strange country and help complete strangers to make the world a bit more just. George, Romania
It expands your heart to realise that we all share the need for a home and to make a home for others. Manuela, India

Your impact worldwide

Every year, our volunteers participating in charity work abroad help build dozens of new homes and send well over £200,000 in raised donations as part of their volunteer trip costs (fundraised or not).

For the families we work with, you are valuable reminder that compassionate people regularly go out of their way to help them break the cycle of poverty. Join our mission to build resilient communities that can weather any storm (from cyclones to joblessness). Our work carries on well beyond home construction, as we provide skills and financial training to empower local communities.

Cold feet vs itchy feet?

From “I’m not a manual person” to “I can’t possibly build a house”, the most beautiful thing for us is seeing volunteers suddenly realise that they are capable of so much more than what they think.

Believe us, you can do anything you set your mind to. Jimmy Carter, the 93 year old former US president, has been building with us nearly every year for the past 40 years.

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Contact a team leader - ask any questions you may have and he/she will get back to you shortly


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Why build with us?

Today, 1.6 billion people live in slums and informal settlements where the walls aren’t sturdy enough, doors are missing and roofs are leaking. Whether you're headed to Africa, Latin America or anywhere else, every short-term volunteer trip includes a donation which helps us pay for local workers to build homes all year round. As well as helping to create local jobs, you provide a crucial boost to our productivity - allowing us to build more homes at a faster pace than ever.


Our volunteer abroad programme is unique, because we put you in touch with an active project. Check out these FAQs to understand how we create longlasting impact...
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We're constantly developing new material to help you raise the money needed to take part in your volunteer trip abroad and create a successful fundraiser...
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Student volunteering

Volunteer with your school, college, or university and gain invaluable experience. Learn valuable skills that will not only look great on your CV, but will also help us reach our vision of safe housing for all.
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Your Team Leader will be able to help you as you start to prepare. We have also online resources that will be useful as you embark on your journey.

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My favorite thing about my enclosures is that I can alter it to fit whatever environment I’m trying to create.
This was originally a desert setup, a beautiful one at that, but I’ve had to change it up a bit to fit whatever new critter comes my way. In this case, a setup for a Sudan plated lizard.
Designing enclosures is a therapy for me. It’s the perfect balance of creativity and doing something for animals at the same time.
If enclosure design is something you lack in, take the time to research and draw out the animal’s natural environment and then get creative to bring that habitat to an enclosure! I used to feel like I couldn’t do it justice, but after practicing and tons of research, I now have the confidence to bring anything to life. You can do it too.
#enclosuredesign #habitatbuild #naturalenvironment #custombuild #custombuilt #custombuiltenclosure

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What did you think of our Pronghorn habitat? Check it out 👆 and be sure to let me know what you'd love to see next! 🌿 ...

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1/4” holes done, now stepping up to 9/16”. Which unfortunately I don’t have, so that’ll have to wait until next weekend.
#dustyeva #dustyworld #projectvanlife #tinyhousemovement #T244 #overlandtruckbuild #overlandtruck #expeditionvehicle #daft244 #leylanddaft244 #truckrestoration #globetrekker #rvglobetrotter #habitatbuild #habitat

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Step 1 done! Now to measure, measure, measure and drill the sub frame connecting holes.
#dustyeva #dustyworld #projectvanlife #tinyhousemovement #T244 #overlandtruckbuild #overlandtruck #expeditionvehicle #daft244 #leylanddaft244 #truckrestoration #globetrekker #rvglobetrotter #habitatbuild #habitat

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