Here are just a few of the ways your generosity can change lives

We work in nearly 70 countries around the world and this is just a small snap shot to give you a sense of how far reaching and powerful the impact a simple Regular Gift can have. All this is only made possible with your support.

Great Britain

With the kindness of supporters and volunteers, we’re helping to alleviate housing poverty in the UK. We’ve built and refurbished 65 homes.

Working alongside other organisations (e.g. Housing for Women and Veterans Aid), our renovations of empty buildings are helping vulnerable groups such as those fleeing domestic violence and homeless veterans.


In Cambodia, 17.7% of the population still live in extreme poverty without any social safety net. With your support, we can continue to help families in need of urgent home improvements. Families like Bumak and his wife, Saerng, who were able to install a roof and flooring in their house, making a much safer home for their two young children.

“We now have a good home to raise our family, and we feel secure. It is safe here compared to before,” says Bumak.


Our supporters have helped over 6,000 families in Bangladesh with safe housing and sanitation. Families like the Debborma family who are finding new hope thanks to their new home.

“Me and my husband didn’t get the chance of an education,” says Narendra Debborma, “But now my kids are getting the chance. I’m so happy I can send my kids to school.”

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In Nicaragua, 15% of the population lack adequate housing but we help families through our microfinance scheme – small, non-profit loans for vulnerable families to improve their homes. Marlon has benefited from this project, together with his wife, Iris, and their daughter, Itza, 7.

Marlon says, “Having a new bathroom has had a great impact on our daughter. Now she is not scared of going to the latrine when it’s dark – we have more safety now.”


Following her father’s death and mother’s dissapearance, Dorcas had nobody to turn to for help, no security, and no safe place to call home. But with your help, we were able to build Dorcas and her siblings a home.

“The day we moved into this house we couldn’t believe it. What Habitat for Humanity did has changed our life and given us hope.”
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On 25th April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck in Nepal claiming almost 9,000 lives and causing devastation on an unimaginable scale. In the event of a disaster, your Regular Gift can be
instantly used wherever it is most needed, anywhere in the world.

In Nepal, our donors’ strong support has been instrumental in ensuring we were there to distribute emergency relief kits and enables us to remain committed to rebuilding efforts.

Making a lasting difference

With you by our side, a lasting difference really can be made to families and children all over the world.

You can help free them from a lifetime of poverty and build a better, safer future for generations to come. Help make home the safe haven it should be with your Regular Gift today.

Thank you.

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