Microbuild Asia and the Pacific

Asia and the Pacific

Number of partners: 6 | Amount: US$14 million | Number of countries: 3

Case study: Cambodia

The Cambodian microfinance sector has developed rapidly over the past decade. But there are two key challenges in the country’s microfinance sector. First is having too much debt, and the second is that the government’s interest rate is too high, especially for smaller microfinance institutions.


One microfinance institution that was able to quickly launch and scale a housing product was Hattha Kaksekar Limited.

As of December 2016, HKL had over 6,800 active borrowers, spreading US$39.4 million across all its branches.

Bumak's story

Bumak, 35, and his wife, Saerng, 32, have benefited from HKL housing microfinance loans. The family used two HKL loans of US$2,000 to improve their home for their two children: their son Thanat, 9, and daughter, Khanchana, 4. The loans helped the family install a roof, lay a tile floor and plaster the walls.

Man in Bumak Cambodia
We now have a good home to raise our family, and we feel secure. It is safe here compared to where we lived before. Bumak, microbuild beneficiary