The Shelter Effect

Sometimes it can be difficult to convey just how much of an impact a home can make.

Imagine This…

A self sufficient family living in a small house together. To eat, they grow and raise poultry.  One day, their house floods. For a week they are forced to sleep under a leaking roof. To clean and repair the damage to the floor they spend 10% of their annual income. Another year, the house floods twice and the rain continues to pour for a whole month. The rain prevents them from being able to repair the roof or floor. The water in their home becomes stagnant. As more water enters the house, the family become susceptible to malaria because of increased mosquitos. The family get diarrhea because the water becomes contaminated.

The community needed help.

Now Imagine This…

What is the house was two steps higher? The family have a new home made of weatherproof wood. It is built on stilts to prevent rain or flood water entering through the door. The next year, the rain comes but the house does not get damaged. The children are safely inside. The family only need to spend 1% of their yearly income on repairs. The family save the money they would have spent on more poultry to sell. Together, they build a well and plant seeds. They build another room for their house and a fence for their livestock. The community buys land for a new school. The community lives safely and with dignity.

This is the path to shelter. This is the Shelter Effect.

This story and video, made by the IFRC, beautifully demonstrates the Power of Home to bring hope to individuals, families and whole communities.



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