Building Disaster Resilient Houses:

Adapting housing structures in Cambodia to withstand climate change and natural disaster.

Cambodia is one of the most disaster prone countries in South East Asia, enduring regular floods and droughts. Due to climate change, the frequency of these natural disasters have only increased, putting many families at risk.

Most houses in Cambodia are not built to withstand the dangerous weather. There is no official building code and less than 10% of construction workers have received any formal training. Therefore, the work of Habitat for Humanity is very important, as we provide the government with disaster resilient house designs.











Our newest design is a stilt house made to withstand heavy rain and flooding. The house includes:

  • A rubber zinc roof which reduces heat by 80%
  • Polycarbonate wall to let more light in
  • Ventilation windows to improve the airflow
  • A tank for collecting rainwater to use in garden














For Soktheara, a mother of two, her new house has given her more than just safety from storms. In her old house, her children didn’t have a suitable place to study, and began falling behind on their school work. Since Habitat for Humanity’s intervention, Soktheara’s children have been able to study more easily, “Now we have a new house, they have a suitable place to study and rest.” At Habitat for Humanity, we believe that a decent, safe home is vital for children to be able to progress educationally and access the same opportunities as their peers.

The new houses also have areas of land allotted to growing and harvesting of different plants Soktheara uses her garden to grow her own vegetables around the house after receiving gardening training. These vegetables serve as nutritious food for her and her family as well as pay for her children’s education, giving them the resources to break out of the cycle of poverty.












These new houses have made tremendous impacts on the lives of their inhabitants, providing them with the security and confidence they need to break out of the cycle of poverty. At Habitat for Humanity, we will continue to work to improve the lives of the most vulnerable with these new disaster resilient houses.

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