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Workitu's story

‘We’ll be safer from coronavirus and other viruses’, Workitu

The coronavirus pandemic has meant the darkest of years for so many of us. Indeed, the uncertainty we have all felt recently, families in housing poverty have felt for a lifetime – if not generations. Now, more than ever, these families need the security and stability of a decent home.

Did you know, a study has shown that families living in Habitat for Humanity homes can have a 44% reduction in rates of respiratory illness?

For 40 years we have worked at the frontline of housing and sanitation emergencies around the world, and right now we find ourselves fighting the biggest crisis the world has faced since the Second World War.

Simultaneously, the pandemic has put a stop to many of our fundraising activities, leaving a huge hole in our income. Raising funds to keep our housing and sanitation programmes going in hundreds of communities across the world is not an easy task, but your support really can make the world of difference to people like Workitu.


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‘The new house will change the lives of me and my children’ 

The previous house wasn’t habitable. The roof leaked and was too low. The house flooded every rainy season. The walls weren’t thick enough to protect us from the cold – it would often get terribly cold. Because of my financial situation, I couldn’t afford to get it repaired.  

Once the construction of my new home is complete and we’ve moved in, we shall have a happier life. This home will significantly change the lives of me and my children. In our new house, we won’t get as easily affected by bacteria or viruses.  

The other benefit will be the psychological gain – which I know will help my children’s education. When they live in a clean and tidy home, they will be able to focus on their studies like their friends do. Living in a clean and decent house is the most delightful thing I could wish for. I have no words to express my excitement, I am very much looking forward to life in my new home.” 


To support our work in helping families like Workitu and her children out of housing poverty, please donate today.

With the support of our partner, the COINS Foundation, your gift will be matched pound-for-pound this Christmas.

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