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In South Africa, Habitat for Humanity are dedicated to the long-term and sustainable development of the low-income housing sector. In 2010, there were some 2,700 slums, accommodating over 1.2 million households.

South Africa

+2,500 families helped in 2016 / +1,900 volunteers hosted / Projects: new homes, community development & advocacy

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Habitat for Humanity adopts a collaborative approach to supporting communities in South Africa. This includes improving the markets in which communities are located and the systems, policies and regulations which govern them.

By incorporating collaborative advocacy and partnership with the government on policy development and implementation, we are able to extend our impact to the broader South African housing sector – making the dream of thriving integrated human settlements a reality for low-income families.

Our local team focusses its capacity building programme at two levels: beneficiaries and leadership. Workshops are organised and tailored to suit the project specific context and are facilitated using a participatory and experiential approach.

Assessment and evaluation tools are used to gather information which will help to assess the impact of each workshop and to further refine the education curriculum. Coaching of beneficiaries empowers them to self-reliantly maintain their community, therefore encouraging future growth and self-development.

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