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In the Dominican Republic the housing shortage is growing annually by an average of 50,000 to 60,000 homes. This means that tens of thousands of people are living homeless or in makeshift housing that is unsafe and does not meet basic requirements for inhabitants. The occurrence of hurricanes and other natural disasters have only made the housing crisis in the Dominican Republic worse.

The cost of construction in Dominican Republic is high, especially for the majority of the population that have low-incomes. These high costs make it impossible for families to access construction services which leads to a deterioration of homes and increased homelessness.

To help families access construction services to build their own homes and make repairs, Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic offer financial and non-financial support. The support offered helps families to access essential services and provides technical construction assistance to build their own homes.

By helping families to access micro-loans, we help them to acquire new homes and access services and tools to make repairs. We also provide training in areas such as financial education, risk management, water and sanitation, healthy housing, and basic construction.

The people below have specifically been supported as part of our disaster preparedness, resilience and response programmes.

Responding After Hurricane Fiona

Dominican Republic - Daniela

Daniela, age 28, is a mother of 2 children. She lives with them in El Naranjal, El Seibo province. When Hurricane Fiona hit their village, the roof of Daniela’s house was completely pulled away by strong winds. When recalling the events of that day, Daniela tells us that she was scared she and her children were going to die.

After the hurricane passed, Daniela emerged from her house with her children to find it almost completely destroyed. With little money to make repairs, she sought help from Habitat for Humanity.

Through the Disaster Response Tithe Fund, Daniela was able to work with Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic to see that a new, resilient home was constructed for her and her children. Now that the work is done, Daniela no longer fears that the roof will come off of her home in strong winds.


Dominican Republic - Deysi

Living with a breast cancer diagnosis was extremely stressful for Deysi. It was already hard to relax and focus on her health whilst living in a home where repairs needed to be made. But when Hurricane Fiona tore her house apart, her worries only grew. 

Following the destruction of Deysi’s home. She approached Habitat for Humanity for support. By working together, a new safe home was constructed for her. A safe and resilient shelter in which she was focus on healing.


Dominican Republic - Lidia

Lidia, is a widowed mother of 7 children who lives in Las Yayas, El Siebo province. At 70 years old, rebuilding her home after the hurricane damaged her roof was not something that she was able to do alone.

Before her roof was destroyed, Lidia recalls how her children had warned her to leave her home before the hurricane came. Thankfully, she was able to leave, and remembers her neighbour calling her to inform her that the roof had become detached.

Lidia was supported through the Disaster Response Fund to have a new roof installed on her home. She is now living in a safe home without fear of her home falling apart.


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