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Habitat for Humanity: Charity Figthing Poverty Worldwide

Habitat for Humanity
works in more than
70 Countries

Reaching 1.6 million people globally

Global Housing Charity for the Homeless and Vulnerable

Since 1976, we have
helped more than
10 million people

Helping over 1 million families to have a safer home

Reforming land rights and land tenure worldwide

Your donations have
Changed lives
In South America

1.8 Million women now have the right to own their own land

What We Do - Fighting Poverty Housing Worldwide

  • 1.6 billion people live without adequate shelter, in unsafe slums
  • These people live in constant fear of forced eviction
  • Every year, millions of families have to rebuild their home due to disasters

As a global housing charity we fight poverty worldwide by building safe and decent homes where families and communities can thrive. Access to decent housing is the foundation to achieving essential human rights, such as education, property, food and privacy. Home is the first step toward a future of opportunities and prosperity. 

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