India Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Our response to Covid-19 in India to reduce pressure on India's struggling healthcare system and save lives.

India has been of the most severe when it comes to cases and deaths related to the COVID-19 virus, reporting around 425,228 deaths and at its peak, 414,144 new daily cases. Statistically, this makes up for 16% of global coronavirus reports, all from one country. This unfortunate outcome has put immense pressure on hospitals in India, showing the extended impact that this global pandemic has had. 

Habitat for Humanity India has been aiding this problem through extensive support to the nation, with its renewed and current plan, Road to Recovery 2.0. This plan has already seen major improvement over its predecessor with a more organised and structured approach that thrives with the support of anyone, putting forth projects and encouraging individuals, schools and donors to make a difference.

Our Impact: 

  • 1,327,076 people served across 19 Indian States
  • 595,821 people provided with hygiene and Family essential kits
  • 147,200 people supported through conditional cash transfers
  • 64,636 people trained on hygiene and Covid Prevention


Family Essential Kits and Habitat Care Centre’s

One example which clarifies the kind of support that Habitat for Humanity has provided is the Family Essential Kits which we distributed to many regions throughout India. Similarly, additional help to this global scale problem is evident in many forms, Hygiene Kits which preach protection by sanitation, and the lunch boxes provided by Tiffinbox Suppliers Association to many within India.

To further fight this problem, Habitat for Humanity have formed a series of government partnerships that ensure proper COVID-19 response through various relief and aid projects during regional lockdowns, such as Habitat Care Centre’s (HCCs’).

To relieve pressure off of India’s struggling healthcare infrastructure, Habitat for Humanity GB started a fundraiser, to raise money towards opening Habitat Care Centres. These centres provide medical support to those who have contracted the virus, acting as a safe place to remain isolated and preventing extensive COVID-19 transmission. The centres have been installed in various regions across the nation, fifteen of them in 2021 under Road to Recovery 2.0, and they will continue to serve the nation after the pandemic. 

Habitat Care Centres have the ability to house 60 to 100 individuals (one per bed) whilst also allowing for appropriate distancing and hygiene control measures, acting as an integral part of our organization’s efforts to control the virus.

Thanks to the help of you, our supporters and our partners M&G and COINS Foundation, we were able to raise an incredible £35,773 towards building and fully equipping the care centres. The Covid-19 Care centres included: 

  • oxygen systems,
  • drinking water,
  • hygiene facilities,
  • beds and mattresses, 
  • hygiene products
  • sufficient PPE for healthcare workers


Response from India 

“During this time of great uncertainty of Covid – 19 we’ve been comforted, encouraged, and humbled by the outpouring of generosity and support from your Team. Remarkable people, organizations, community groups, small businesses and corporations have all stepped up to support our Hospital in this critical time of Pandemic. Our front-line health care workers and patients are grateful for the donations of beds, PPE and essential all material which was actually needed to treat Covid patients those who are poor and needy, our need fulfilled by your immense support.

To us, YOU are our heroes and we Thank You for helping us to meet the challenges of this Pandemic , so we can continue to provide the highest order of care with inclusion, integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence in our work to save the mankind.”

Major Devdan Kalkumbe
Evangeline Booth Hospital Ahmednagar

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