Why we volunteer in Romania:

Corporate volunteers from Addleshaw Goddard
Last summer, we chatted with Richard Yeomans, one of Addleshaw Goddard’s senior partners. He shared some great insight into the importance of corporate volunteering to the law firm’s values and their new trainees – who head out to Romania every year.

Every summer for the past 10 years, top law firm Addleshaw Goddard have been sending a fresh batch of trainees to build houses in Romania as part of their induction to the company.

During the week the team swap offices for the construction site, roll up their sleeves, and get stuck into building work– with the aim of advancing the lack of social housing in the area.

Addleshaw Goddard Volunteers


What’s it all about?

“If I were to use corporate language, I would say it’s all about corporate, social responsibility. But really, in simple language, it’s about giving something back and remembering that there are people out there less fortunate than ourselves.” (Richard Yeomans)

addleshaw goddard volunteers romania

It’s more than CSR

Like any other build, Addleshaw Goddard volunteers can expect to get their hands dirty:

  • Pouring concrete
  • Laying foundations
  • Digging
  • Laying bricks.

But, taking part in a build means so much more than gaining practical skills. By working together, new employees also get the opportunity to:

  • Get to know each other
  • Meet the beneficiary families
  • Become part of the team
  • Work effectively together.
building houses in romania addleshaw


A decade long partnership 

Richard outlined a few of the most powerful reasons why Addelshaw Goddard has continued to work with us over the years.

“You’re building a house – that’s just a huge sense of achievement.”

First of all, the volunteers meet the families that are going to move into the completed houses, which “really brings home how desperate the need is for this housing. It’s a big sense of achievement to be part of something special.”

He also discussed the benefits of volunteer Builds like this for the company, as he explains how “taking part helps you recognise how privileged we are back in the UK.”

Finally, Addleshaw Goddard’s principal values being teamwork and collaboration, an experience like this is a perfect opportunity for new starters to work together and understand how important the company’s beliefs are.

“It also makes their first day at work a lot less scary, because they’ve built up strong relationships with other trainees and other members of staff.”

Addleshaw team in Romania


See you in 2018

“We always get great feedback from colleagues – it would be a hard project to beat. As we say in England, ‘don’t mend something that’s not broken.’ Our partnership with Habitat is working really well!”

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