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In Elsalvador we provide training and development to communities and build resilient homes to address poor housing. The housing deficit exceeds 944,000 homes and continues to grow as the population increases.

El Salvador

+21,568 families served / +14,220 national volunteers & 9,319 international volunteers / Projects: construction, reconstruction, energy upgrade, disaster response

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Salvadoran families and their homes are also vulnerable to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and flooding.

In addition, a 12-year civil war that ended in 1992 killed roughly 75,000 people and displaced many families. Decades later, complications with land legalisation limit access to adequate housing, and social violence continues to drive many families from their homes.

We advocate for adequate housing and drive transforming and sustainable community development. Through accessible microcredit, we use housing as a means to help families overcome poverty. When low-income families have access to an adequate home through home construction or an improvement, it can be a catalyst that contributes to the family’s overall development, benefiting their welfare, education and health.


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