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In Fiji we have assisted families following cyclones, build new resilient homes, and work with vulnerable communities to renovate their existing homes. Official statistics suggest that 31 percent of the population live in poverty, but local councils put this figure at 60 percent.


+4,900 families served / +834 volunteers hosted (2016) / Projects: disaster response, water and sanitation, disabled access housing

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A quick overview of our work in Fiji

Habitat for Humanity started work to fight against housing poverty in Fiji in 1991. Since then, we have helped over 4,900 families to build safe and decent homes and new futures through partnerships with governments, Non Governmental Organisations and international volunteers. But our work goes beyond the construction of homes. We work on a range of projects throughout the country. These projects include disaster prevention, response and recovery, water and sanitation, and disabled access housing projects.

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