Giving a voice to the most vulnerable

Cities for All is a part of the Build Solid Ground campaign - a joint project consisting of 14 partners funded by the European Union. Our goal is to raise awareness of issues related to extreme urban poverty such as land rights, gender equality, urbanisation and social inclusion.

Four themes to explore

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Today, 1.6 billion people live without adequate shelter and the U.N. expect that 1 in 4 people will live in slums by 2030. We will talk about the challenges and solutions that exist to tackle the growth of informal settlements worldwide.
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Land rights

As cities and land become ever more expensive, land rights have become a great source of conflicts between communities, cities & property developers. Forced evictions are pushing people out of their homes and into living conditions that are far from safe or healthy.
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Gender equality

Women own less than 20% of the world's land. In dozens of countries around the world, it is illegal for a woman to own any property or land. We will investigate what's being done to address these issues and how local groups are fighting to get control of their lives.
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On top of taking a local approach, we also want to engage in a conversation with experts worldwide on social and affordable housing policies. We will look into the best ways to develop urban areas in a way that is inclusive and fair.

As part of the project, we will produce a series of documentaries over the next three years. Our goal is not only to tell the stories of these people, but also to let them tell the story themselves and allow you to interact with them in a variety of ways:


The documentaries are only the beginning. They will form the basis for the conversation but we will also publish lots of new stories every month, from podcasts to blog articles and short animated videos.

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A project funded by the European Union

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