Volunteering in Great Britain

If you’re not quite ready for volunteer work abroad (Global Village Builds) there are many ways you can get involved here in Great Britain and help local communities before going on your first trip overseas.

We also provide many online resources to help you with your fundraising efforts. For local volunteering, please email us here.

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Why volunteer with us

Habitat for Humanity offers a creative route to the provision of affordable homes in the UK which centres around the values we have as a charity. In the UK we have three main areas of work:

  • New Builds – We have built a variety of new build affordable homes for sale or rent using a variety of approaches, including self-build, volunteering and trainees.
  • Empty Homes – We offer a complete service to the home owner, repair the property to a decent habitable standard and then rent it via a housing association at an affordable rate to those in housing need.
  • Community Projects – Working with volunteers to improve accommodation belonging to other charities who work with disadvantaged groups such as people in housing need, the disabled and the homeless.

Why get involved

Not sure our volunteer opportunities are for you? Read our volunteer stories here. When you help a family trapped in poverty to build a home, you provide the most permanent and powerful way to help them escape precariousness, disease and begin a new life.