Charity fundraising ideas: A-Z

Ways to raise money for charity

Simple, quirky & unique charity fundraising ideas

Do you need ideas or inspiration for ways to raise money for charity? It’s simple… do something you love!
But, if you do get stuck along the way, these ideas will help you with all your fundraising efforts from A-Z.

Whether you’re into skydiving, boxing, eating exotic insects or even video gaming, we’ve seen people come up with the most unusual and unique ways to raise money for our charity. Create your fundraising page here.

How to fundraise for charity

You will find here a selection of quick and simple charity fundraising ideas for your events and volunteer trip abroad. Many people are very happy to sponsor their friends and family members who are raising funds for charity, especially when they have a clear target.

Why would people sponsor you?

Our best tip: askYou will only be able to raise money for charity you ask for it. The more people you approach, the more money you will raise.

Remember, you are not requesting money for yourself, you are asking on behalf of Habitat for Humanity GB. The money you raise gives a hand up to real people around the world living in extreme poverty. It changes their lives permanently.

A to Z charity fundraising ideas


Go crash on your friend's couch for a week whilst renting your room out.

Bush Tucker Challenge

Tuck into a banquet of locusts, beetles, spiders and snails.

Collection Jars

Place a jar on your desk or kitchen at work.

Darts Tournament

All you need are some darts, a board and a space to hang it.

Egg and Spoon Race

Invite your friends over and recreate this classic sports day event.

Facebook Marketplace

It's the new virtual car boot sale from the comfort of your own home.

Give up something you love

Give up speaking for the day, your car for a week, or chocolate for the month.

Hula Hoopathon

Turn on the timer and get your hips moving.

Ice Cream Party

Charge £5-10 for an all you can eat ice cream party.

Jeans day

Get your colleagues involved, pay a pound to wear your jeans to work.

Karaoke Night

Charge a small entrance fee and put your singing abilities to the test. Find out how in the PDF at the end.

Lunch delivery at work

Charge a small fee and collect your colleagues or friends lunch at work.

Run a Marathon

Get sponsors and start training for the big day.

Netflix Marathon

Stay awake all night watching films for sponsor money.

Office Olympics

Organise some events and turn up the competitive spirit.


Organise a party or gala.

Quiz Night

Check out our Habitat for Humanity GB pub quiz - find the PDF at the bottom of the page.

Restaurant Night

Take over a restaurant on a quiet night - find more information below.

Scavenger Hunt

Organise a fun trail with buried treasure at the end.

Tea Party

Bring the joy of a good brew to your team.

Live Under £5 for the week

Can you live below the line?

Vintage clothes sale

Anything circa 1990 is back in fashion and selling well online.

Wine Tasting

Because why not.

Xmas Party

Nominate us as your charity for Christmas.

Revisit your favourite Year

Throw a throwback party from your favourite year.


Plan a Zumba afternoon in your local park.

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