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Throw job titles and positions aside, immerse yourself in another culture and unite employees together as a collective force to lift families out of poverty.

Stand with one of the world’s leading Shelter NGO’s to build homes for the world’s most vulnerable people.

  • Take a team of up to 20 employees
  • Work with the local community and Habitat for Humanity country staff
  • Be led and guided by an experienced Team Leader

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Global Village is our short-term, international volunteering programme.

Global Village adds a narrative and personality to your organisation. How?
The programme's key benefits include: 

  • Improving staff retention and engagement
  • Aligning your organisation as socially responsible and globally aware
  • Connecting you to your clients, customers and community 

To find out more, email our Corporate Partnerships Officer:

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Case Study: Wells Fargo, Zambia, October 2016

A team of 12 employees have recently returned from Kamanga, Zambia, where they helped to build two homes in just under a week.

"We then reached the most gratifying moment of the week – handing the keys over to the new homeowners, officially signifying that the houses were now theirs.  One of our homeowners was at a loss for words when given an opportunity to speak to the room; the other was eager to share her gratitude.  In their own ways, each was clearly and profoundly happy."- Kirsty, Wells Fargo

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